Grading System

Aspect make the difference

   To maximize value, we have to make sure that our clients are delivering the right devices to the right niche segments.  And our detailed device grading system helps make that happen.

   These grades offer to our customers the information they need to fill their supply chain more effectively. One customer might exclusively sell high-end devices from new or grade A Premium, where others may deal specifically with grade A to D devices.

  However, more and more, we’re seeing our customers become more sophisticated and serve multiple market segments. This information about device appearance (in addition to details like device make, model, color, capacity, etc.) gives companies the best opportunity to maximize their pricing.

  Our deep experience in the secondary mobile device market are what have helped us build trust with our clients. Trust is everything for us as we assign grades that help our customers to maximize resale value for each device.

  As the secondary market will only continue to evolve and mobile devices of all types become more sophisticated and expensive, whether you’re a carrier, retailer, enterprise, online vendor, or any other secondary device buyer, we can help you to maximize values in this sophisticated market.

   If you want to learn more about our device grading system and how we can help you maximize device/accessory values, get in touch with us.