Repair and Refurbishment Service

High-quality Repair and Refurbishment Service

      Our device Refurbishment Service provide our customers with a secure and green solution to offer a new life for their mobile terminal device. All repairs or refurbishments are carried out in a controlled and secure environment to bring devices back to their former glory.

We work with our customers parts too.*

   Our technicians ar able to fix all the hardware and software defects with the device if exist, fit a new chassis, new charging port flex, new power/volume buttons flex, new rear camera, new front camera flex, new earpiece, new loudspeaker, and a new lcd, the finished product will be like new, ready to be re-used, with affordable price compared with a new one, but at the same quality.

Besides providing an efficient, high-quality repair and refurbishment service, here at Digiteh we are helping our clients by providing a positive after-service support experience to protect our customomers business.