Extended Services



Beside our classic services we also offer quite few extends services  as :

Laptops & Computers Repairs 

Cracked Displays, Charging Issues, Faulty Keyboards, Viruses, Upgrades and much more all taken care of in one place.  All DigiTeh technicians are highly trained, so your device and it’s contents are in safe hands.

Mobile Phones & Tablets Repairs

Broken Screens, Faulty Charging Ports or Connectors, Batteries, Power or Volume Buttons , Chassiss and anything in between,  we can replace them with our or client own parts ! Our team of  DigiTeh trained technicians have you covered as you wish.

High-quality Repair and Refurbishment Service

Our device Refurbishment Service provide our customers with a secure and green solution to offer a new life for their mobile terminal device. All repairs or refurbishments are carried out in a controlled and secure environment to bring devices back to their former glory. We work with our customers parts too.

Macbook & iMac Repairs

GPU Failure, Hard Drive Replacement, Health Checks and much more all taken care of in one place.  All DigiTeh technicians are highly trained and we can offer you a real professional service

Vehicle Key Fobs Repairs

Batteries, Button Repair,logic Boards, Liquid Damaged,  Housing Replacement and diagnostics.  Most models catered for and repaired succesfully.

Logic Boards Level 3 Advanced Repairs

Touch Screen , Battery Drain, No Display, Not Charging, No Network Signal, No Wi-Fi,  are all signs that your Logic Board may require a component level 3 repair.

Apple iPhone Face ID Repair Special Service

We can repair Face ID on iPhone X, XS, XR, XS-Max quickly and professional

Unlock – Restore – Debranding

By Unlocking a phone means it can be used  on  any network’s Sim card, giving  the freedom to switch providers, lower costs and pass that  phone on to others. We cover  allmost  every device possibile for unlock