Corporate & Trade Repairs



Corporate and Trade Repairs Service


    DigiTeh is  proud to offer a specialised service just for Corporate and Trade customers.
We are able to deliver high-volume repair solutions for Apple iPhone, iPad, Macbooks, Apple Watch, Samsung Phones, Tablets, Watches and more. We also offer components – parts replacing service using customer parts or using our genuine, genuine refurbished or high quality individual tested parts.

    We specialise in fast and efficient turn-around for the most common types of faults allowing you to carry on your business as usual, quickly.  Our business services are  designed to help  companies to save money, time and anguish by communicating directly with qualified, experienced and knowledgeable technicians able to carry on fast and professional repairs in B2B sistem.

  Some of the features of our Corporate and Trade Service :

  • Dedicated admin contact within MRC
  • Credit facilities (subject to status)
  • Average repair time of 4 working days (half of most of our competitors)
  • Warranty and extendd warranty (subjects to statuts)
  • Over 3,000 of the most commonly used parts kept in stock
  • Option to choose multiple repair service types or a custom pack accordingnd with needs